Marissa Largo

Art Projects

Paralandscape (2012)

Video installation, Participatory Art, Performance

Maleta Stories (2011)

Installation, multimedia, mixed media

I Bring Myself (2010)

Performance, Video Installation

An Atlas of Scarborough (2010)

Photography, performance, bookwork

Jet Lag (2009)

Video Installation, performance

Flip Side (2007)

Photography Installation

Tinikling Lesson (2007)

Video Installation

From the Pearl of the Orient to Uptown (2005)

Video Installation. Galerie MAI

What Were You Worried About? (2004)

Screenprint on rag paper, Chine Colle, rice paper

Nanny Project (2004)

Print Installation, lithography, screenprints, bookwork, audio

Papers, Please (2003)

Screenprint, photolithograph, chine colle on rag paper and rice paper.